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Diamond Concrete Design LLC has 40 years of combined experience in polishing and decorative concrete. In that time we have collaborated with acclaimed  architects, interior designers and artisans. We are highly trained experts who are licensed, bonded and insured members of ASID.  Our work can be viewed throughout Los Angeles landmarks, residences and renowned commercial spaces. We service all Southern California ​and surrounding areas. 

Our Design Process

Modern techniques for concrete finishing have moved concrete floors from standard to luxurious. We only use top of the line surfacing equipment to achieve the highest grade finish. Adding dyes as the wet concrete mixes, produces concrete in a wide range of earthy tones. Surface treatments such as concrete stains and paint can turn plain concrete into beautiful, unique finishes. 

Why Concrete?

Concrete floors are also undeniably durable and low maintenance. Properly sealed concrete floors repel dirt, stains, spills, and scratches. Not only is concrete eco-friendly, but it also supports indoor air quality by forbidding toxins such as mold, mildew and harmful VOCs.

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Concrete Polish
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