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Polished Concrete

We offer the three main levels of polishing:

  • Level 1- Honed/Matte Finish

  • Level 2- Semi Gloss/Medium Reflectivity

  • Level 3-High Gloss/High Reflectivity


Decorative Concrete

Whether it’s antique or new, traditional or modern, decorative concrete is an art that requires attention to detail. Our decorative concrete system beautfies concrete to achieve the desired level of finish.


Micro Toppings

Micro topping is an alternative concrete-type service. You can use it on wood, concrete, self-levelling, ceramic, natural stone, or any other type of surface. It is the ideal option for those who want a continuous, innovative and tactile surface to create a unique and modern space for any residence or business. Micro Topping gives you the opportunity to renovate floors or walls without removing existing surfaces.



Most times existing concrete slabs maintain imperfections like cracks, discolorations, holes, or other flaws and sometimes repairing the spots can be noticeable or unattractive. There’s no need to rip out your existing concrete and replace it if it’s in good condition. Our epoxy system will give your concrete floor an economical transformation creating a smooth, aesthetically pleasing, polishable concrete surface.


Concrete Staining

We offer two types of main staining:

  • Acid Staining-creates a beautiful spectrum within your selected color throughout the concrete. In the process, the colors react with each other, and create their own array of magic. This is more leaning towards a bold look

  • Water Based Acrylics-create a solid color finish, where the color comes out exactly how you want it to. As opposed to Acid Staining, the process is not tampered with for Water Based Acrylic, and the finish is simple, yet elegant.


Terrazo Flooring

Terrazzo is a base of cement, flecked with bits of shiny aggregate. Terrazzo is similar in appearance to polished marble or granite while allowing enormous versatility when it comes to incorporating design elements into the surface itself. Known for it's use in schools, government buildings and LAX, Terrazzo is gaining popularity for residential applications!

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